Great Lakes Martial Arts - Tae Kwon Do / Jujitsu

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Register for Classes

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3 Easy Steps to Register Online or Off

1) Download the Park Ridge Park District Brochure PDF (Link to Page of PDF Below)

go to "Classes" Section for current dates and pricing.

Residents / Non-Residents Door Registration

2) Print and fill out this registration form using the information in the Brochure or Classes section to complete.
Reg Form
3) Pay using Check or Card.

Register Online (Only Applicable for Park Ridge Resident and Registered to any prior Park Ridge classes.)
2) Create An Account Online
1) Go to this link.
2) Click "I Forgot My Pin"
3) Enter your Email Address and click "Go!" Your login info will be emailed to you.
4) Login or use this link with the information provided.
5) Click Activities
6) Use Barcode Number and information in Classes section to locate specific class.
7) Click "Add"
8) "Go to Checkout"
3) Pay using Card.